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An introduction to evidence-based practice

Understand what evidence-based practice is and how to incorporate it into your day to day workload.

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An Introduction to…

These resources have been designed to develop your clinical and professional skills, and introduce you to new areas of the SLT world.

Clinical decision-making tool

A step-by-step guide to the clinical decision-making process, from assessment to the selection and evaluation of interventions.

DotDeaf – Language Therapy in BSL

This course introduces ‘Language Therapy in British Sign Language’. It is designed for SLTs, deaf colleagues, and other co-workers to complete together.
Please note: as this course was created externally, if you have any questions about the content please contact

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Influencing learning journey

Improve your self-awareness, confidence and knowledge in influencing skills.

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Leadership learning journey

Improve your self-awareness, confidence and knowledge in leadership skills.

Mind Your Words

Improve your understanding of children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs and speech, language and communication needs.

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RCSLT How To: Formal Assessments – Introductory Video

Before taking any of the How To modules, you’ll need to watch this introductory video to get an idea of how they work and what to expect.

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RCSLT How-To: Formal Assessments

This resource has been designed to help you get to grips with formal SLT assessments. You can watch them being run as well as hear from experts on when to run them and what they can help you discover.
Please complete the feedback survey, as this is a new resource framework and we’d like to hear from you with any comments.

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Reflective writing

Discover the benefits of reflective writing and some practical tools to help you reflect on your continuous professional development.

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Research under the spotlight

A guide to getting the most out of reading research papers.

The Box

Understanding and supporting people with speech, language and communication needs in the justice system.

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Working with bilingual children

An introduction to bilingualism and ways of assessing bilingual children.


Continuing your professional development never felt so good

Where do I get my certificate?

If a certificate is available, you can access it via the ‘Certificates’ tab on your learner dashboard. Please note, not all courses include a certificate.

I’ve completed my course, why isn’t it showing as 100% complete?

If there’s a certificate available for the course, you’ll need to download it for the course to show as fully complete. If your score is not updating properly, please get in touch with us at

Can I access any other learning?

Yes! Have a look at our official YouTube channel for our back-catalogue of webinars and events, and check out the guidance pages on our website for specific information on different clinical areas.